Antennas and microwave devices

Antennas and microwave devices

Virtual laboratories

The virtual laboratory is formed by:
Vector Network Analyzer ZVA 40 (Rohde&Schwarz)

Virtual laboratories

The front panel of the virtual device is represented by the photo of the real device. The corresponding interface identical to the real device is provided. It is possible to change the values of initial and final frequencies of investigation, to set markers and the measuring lines and so on. (Some opportunities are presented in the demo-video).

Virtual laboratories

Some microwave devices with abilities of geometry changes are presented for investigation:
Band-pass and Band-stop Filters on Rectangular and Ridged Waveguides
Virtual laboratories

Microstrip Resonator
Virtual laboratories

Waveguide-Coaxial Transitions

Reflection Characteristics of the Slotted Waveguide Antenna

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Our publications

"The Modern Approach to Virtual Laboratory Workshop" in International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)
"Virtual Laboratory for Microwave Devices" in Proceedings of Progress In Electromagnetics Research Symposium 2013 in Stockholm, August 12-15, 2013

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